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The RNA World, Third Edition—Contents

Foreword to the First Edition
      Francis Crick
Prologue to the First Edition
      James D. Watson
The Origins of RNA and RNA at the Origin
1 Setting the Stage: The History, Chemistry, and Geobiology behind RNA
S.A. Benner, M.A. Carrigan, A. Ricardo, and F. Frye
2 Progress toward Understanding the Origin of the RNA World
G.F. Joyce and L.E. Orgel
3 Protocells: Genetic Polymers Inside Membrane Vesicles
I.A. Chen, M.M. Hanczyc, P.L. Sazani, and J.W. Szostak
Building a Functional RNA
4 Riboswitches and the RNA World
R.R. Breaker
5 Catalytic Strategies of Self-Cleaving Ribozymes: Relics of an RNA World?
A. Ke and J.A. Doudna
6 How the Group I Intron Works: A Case Study of RNA Structure and Function
J.L. Hougland, J.A. Piccirilli, M. Forconi, J. Lee, and D. Herschlag
6.1 Ribonuclease P: Structure and Catalysis
V. Gopalan and S. Altman
[This chapter is available in the online edition only.]
Exiting the Ancient RNA World—Synthetases and Ribosomes
7 RNA, Lipids, and Membranes
T. Janas, T. Janas, and M. Yarus
8 Aminoacyl tRNA Synthetases: From the RNA World to the Theater of Proteins
P. Schimmel and K. Beebe
9 The Roles of RNA in the Synthesis of Protein
P.B. Moore and T.A. Steitz
10 Evolution of Ribosomes and Translation from an RNA World
H.F. Noller
Richness of RNA Roles in a Modern RNA World
11 The RNP World
T.R. Cech, D. Moras, K. Nagai, and J.R. Williamson
12 The Ever-Growing World of Small Nuclear Ribonucleoproteins
K.T. Tycowski, N.G. Kolev, N.K. Conrad, V. Fok, and J.A. Steitz
13 Spliceosome Structure and Function
C.L. Will and R. Lührmann
14 Uridine Insertion/Deletion RNA Editing as a Paradigm for Site-specific Modifications of RNA Molecules
L. Simpson
15 Telomerase RNA
E.H. Blackburn
16 The Shapely mRNA: Knotting Ventured, Knotting Gained
J.F. Atkins, R.F. Gesteland, R.J. Jackson, and N.M. Wills
RNA Continues to Triumph over DNA
17 Group II Introns: Ribozymes That Splice RNA and Invade DNA
A.M. Pyle and A.M. Lambowitz
18 SINEs and LINEs: Troublemakers, Saboteurs, Benefactors, Ancestors
A.M. Weiner
19 The Biology of Short RNAs
C.P. Petersen, J.G. Doench, A. Grishok, and P.A. Sharp
20 Versatile Roles of Small RNA Regulators in Bacteria
G. Storz and S. Gottesman
21 Large Noncoding RNAs in Mammalian Gene Dosage Regulation
R.J. Spencer and J.T. Lee
Emerging Tools
22 Predicting RNA Secondary Structure
D.H. Mathews, S.J. Schroeder, D.H. Turner, and M. Zuker
23 A Modular and Hierarchical Approach for All-Atom RNA Modeling
B. Masquida and E. Westhof
24 Automated In Vitro Selection and Microarray Applications for Functional RNA Sequences
A.D. Ellington, J.C. Cox, J.F. Lee, and J.R. Collett
25 RNA Folding, Unfolding, and Dynamics, One Molecule at a Time
I. Tinoco, Jr. and B. Onoa



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